EXTENSION of 40/80 meter TRAP-dipole to 160 meter.

February 2011

My homemade TRAP-dipole for 40/80 meter need a extension so I can have the 160 meter band

I started to make the TRAP's:

I use 50 m.m. drainpipe, and RG58 A/U coax - 15,55 windings, all counting is done by the program COAX-TRAPS.

Finished the trap's I made some Measuring.
Before I mount the traps, I would use some Silicon to kip water/rain away from the coils.

I would use the CW-band so the TRAP's should bee at resonance in the low end of 80 meter band..

My new VNWA measured the resonance frequency.

Coil 1:

Coil 2:

That's it!!

Measuring on antenna after mounting the TRAP's.

This is 160 meter band, optimized for the CW-band.

I added 9 meter of wire to each end, and cut to resonance.

After mounting the TRAP's to 160 meter, the 80 meter band had a little change.

And also the 40 meter band is change a bit.

Her is all 3 antennas in one sweep.